Monster Truck Tug-O-War

Timmy Uppet and his pals are playing Tug-O-War with monster trucks. He and his pals over at the Vidsville Stunt Track playing this game with cool monster trucks for kids. The rules are you must pull the flag over the white line to win. What monster truck do you think will win?

Monster Truck Crushers

See Timmy Uppet, Sara Uppet and Grandpa Uppet drive monster truck jeeps over ramps, crushing cars and going through the mud pit. Timmy’s favorite color is red, what is yours?
Fun truck videos for kids. Children love to watch trucks, monster trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, excavators, dump trucks and more. #kidstrucks

Trouble Brown Pillow Buy Now
Trouble Brown’s favorite color is black. Trouble doesn’t get into trouble, it is just a nickname.