Learn To Spell Crane

Learn To Spell Crane – Lifting Cars Big Trucks Tractor & Vehicles Over River

Oh no, the heavy rains washed out the bridge in Vidsville. Don’t worry, Timmy has a crane to lift the cars, big truck, tipper truck, fire truck, van, race car and other vehicles across the Viditon river. Also learn to spell crane.

Kids Trucks Crash Test 1

Kids Trucks Crash Test – Drive A Semi-Truck Off Cliff

See J. Grizzle drive a semi-tractor off a cliff. You will be amazed at the strength of a tractor truck. Also know as semi-trailer truck, tractor unit, big rig, semi, lorry and semi truck.
Fun truck videos for kids. Children love to watch trucks, monster trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, excavators, dump trucks and more. #kidstrucks

Dump Trucks For Kids

Dump Trucks For Kids – Mecedes & Friends Tipper Trucks

Mercedes is at it again driving the tipper lorry all over Vidsville. The tipper truck is blue and fun to dump rocks.
Dump trucks are sometimes called tipper trucks, tipper lorry or just plain old tipper. Have fun with these dump trucks for kids.