Vehicle Opposites

Vehicle Opposites – Big Truck Small Car Long Limo Short Hybrid Up Down Tow Truck

Vehicle Opposites with big fire truck, small car, long limo, short hybrid car, fast rocket, slow tractor and up down with a tow truck. See the kids drive different vehicles around Vidsville and learn opposites.
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Kids Truck Factory

Kids Truck Factory – Mixing Colors & Monster Trucks For kids

The truck factory crushes old cars and mixes the colors for new monster trucks. Then the kids drive the cool monster trucks to the parking lot.
Fun truck videos for kids. Children love to watch trucks, monster trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, excavators, dump trucks and more. #kidstrucks

Grandpa, Mercedes and Trouble

Grandpa, Mercedes and Trouble

See what the kids and grandpa do from day to day. Grandpa loves driving his Cadillac and singing. Mercedes and Trouble love playing video games and laughing.
Entertaining videos for children, toddlers, preschool or kids of any age. Learn letters, small words, colors, numbers and shapes in a fun and creative way. Our videos for kids use fun cartoons with monster trucks, motorcycles, fire trucks, animals, puppets and much more. New videos every Monday !!
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